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Sunday, May 25, 2008

TruE loVe??? izit true??


Notice the subject??? Here I'm going to express my point of view of the definition of TRUE love..TRUE love do exist..We just have to search for it.. Sometimes,we don't need to go far.. It's right under our own nose the whole time but we just didn't notice its existance.

TRUE love exist in many ways.. And, for sure,our family is the one who 1st gave us TRUE love. Especially, our parents. (Hrm, no need to explain that.. I'm sure we all know how they do so)

When we start to go to school and make frends with people, frens (and I mean TRUE frends) shows us the other way of TRUE love. for they will always be there for us either when we are filled with happiness or sadness. And they understand ourselves. They know when we felt lonely and need someone to share it with. In an eazy word,they are happy when we are and they felt like crying when we are sad.

I found out that most people thought when they are in a serious relationships, they already found TRUE love. I don't suppose all of them do.. In my opinion,we start having serious relationships (and I think,at this time of age,we r way too young to have one!!.)when we have the passion on someone. Either by the beauty of his/her physical characteristics or his/her personality.But that doesn't mean they cuould provide us with TRUE love.. We sometimes think he/she is the most perfect person for us. Well,think again!!! Nobody's perfect and no relationships do too.

From this,you could see how I disagree with "serious relationships provide true love" thing.I believe, true frends shelter us more love than couples.. Friendship exist even when there's no special feeling for each other but there's no special feeling when you don't start with friendship. Agree??? one more thing for sure.for our age,friendship last longer than serious relationship because there's more love in friendship..We can see when majority of the couples around us could hang on for only a few month??And how long does our friendship with your frends had last?? I suppose you could see what's my point right now...

In conclusion, friends build stronger love than couples... haha...[Am i Right?]

thx to all who read this post. hope u all realize ^.- what i wanna tell ^.^


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