Come on form five, you can do it, more than, more than, you can do it, weella weella wella wella wello, we are the best, the very very best, come on let's do it, tingkatan lima, 2010, woo... ALLAHUAKBAR!! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Takbir! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Monday, July 28, 2008

you think your wishes are not granted by allah??


"But you may dislike something which is good for you, and you may like something which is bad for you. Allah (SWT) knows while you do not know." {Surah Al Baqarah}

I asked for strength and Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and Allah gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity and Allah gave me brawn and brain to work. I asked for courage and Allah gave me dangers to overcome. I asked for patience Allah placed me in situations where I was forced to wait. I asked for love and Allah gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors and Allah gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted. I received everything I needed . MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

not boring....just g2 understand.. thats all...

Salam…. Hey guys.. I wanna share with you people a dialogue between a muslim and a non- muslim in the US… well here you go..

Muslim : Hey, whats up?? How's it going?
*tuuut*: Fine.. okies..
(some nice non-sense conversation took place for 20 minutes)…..after that,
muslim: Say, if I were to carve a rock and worship it, what do you think of that??
*tuuut*: That would be dead weird duh!!
Muslim : hmmm… okies then, If I were to carve a rock and carve a figure out of it, what do you think of that??
*tuuut*: Well, at least it makes a bit of sense.. But I guess if you wish for something and then it comes true, it should be ok…
Muslim : hmm… But do you think the one who made the wish come true, is the creator of the rock, or the rock itself??
*tuuut*: The creator of course!!
Muslim : So if we remove the idol/rock figure, our wishes will still come true because the creator of the rock is still there rite??
*tuuut*: Duh!! Stop asking me questions like I'm a baby ok…
Muslim: Okies2…

(if any of you guys dont believe that this conversation actually took place, you can refer at

So, what can we conclude?? Well for people who really understood the dialogue just now, it is kinda funny rite??? I mean , the one answering is a non-muslim guy!! Who in fact worships the rock figure itself… so you see?? I guess you guys can conclude the story yourselves… okies? peace out!! slm...

hujjah for u guys...

(note:this post is extemely loooong and booooring.. its a pep-talk duh!!)
(note:i'll also be using false english spellings...becoz its easier to type.. okies.. so, paham2 sendiri ah..)
salam..guys.. Have you ever come across someone ... and then he asks you .."Why should islam be the way?? All religions teach good things didn't they??" or "How do we know that ISLAM is the correct religion??" or "If I idolise something else then Allah, will I be forgiven if I dont taubat nasuha?? I mean, Allah would understand right?? He's god.." ?? no?? Good... because I'm gonna tell you guys how that question is to be answered ... I learnt this from Dr. Bilal Philips.. on Islamic Online University.. It's quite interesting ..... So here you guys go .. The answer to the questions..

Islamic Online University Da’wah Training course

There are so many sects, cults, religions, philosophies, and
movements in the world, all of which claim to be the right way
or the only true path of God How can one determine which
one is correct or whether, in fact, all are correct? One method
by which the answer can be found is to clear away the
superficial differences in the teachings of the various
claimants to the ultimate truth, and identifies the central
object of worship upon which they call, directly or indirectly.
False religions all have in common one basic concept with
regard to God they either claim that all men are gods, or that
specific men were God, or that nature is God, or that God is a
figment of man’s imagination.
Thus, it may be stated that the basic message of false religion
is that God may be worshipped in the form of His creation.
False religions invite man to the worship of creation by calling
the creation or some aspect of it God. For example, prophet
Jesus invited his followers to worship God, but those who
claim to be Jesus’ followers today call people to worship
Jesus, claiming that he was God.
Buddha was a reformer who introduced a number of
humanistic principles in the religion of India. He did not claim
to be God, nor did he suggest to his followers that he be an
object of worship. Yet today most Buddhists who are to be
found outside of India have taken him to be God and they
prostrate themselves to idols made in their perception of his
By using the principle of identifying the object of worship, we
can easily detect false religions and the contrived nature of
their origin. As God said in the Qur’aan:
"That which you worship besides Him are only names
and you and your forefathers have invented for which
Allaah has sent down no authority: the command
belongs only to Allaah He has command that you
worship Him; that is the right religion, but most men do
not understand." [Qur’aan 12:40]
It may be argued that all religions teach good things, so why
should it matter which one we follow? The reply is that all
false religions teach the greatest evil the worship of creation.
Creation-worship is the greatest sin that man can commit
because it contradicts the very purpose of his creation. Man
was created to worship God alone as Allaah has explicitly
stated in the Qur’aan:
"I have only created jinns and men, that they may
worship Me" [Qur’aan 51:56]
Consequently, the worship of creation, which is the essence of
idolatry is the only unforgivable sin. One who dies in this state
of idolatry, has sealed his fate in the next life. This is not an
opinion, but a revealed fact stated by God in his final
revelation to man:
“Verily Allaah will not forgive the joining of partners
with Him, but He may forgive (sins) less than that for
whomsoever He wishes." [Qur’aan 4:48 and 116]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

di sini saya hanya ingin melontarkan satu soalan yang masih belum terjawab di group gen12, friendster.

" jikalau ada seorang pelajar generasi 12 smih yang berpindah sekolah, maka masihkah ada peluang kepadanya untuk menyertai group gen12(friendster) atau group blog generasi 12?"

*saya menggunakan bahasa melayu baku di sini kerana saya baru terbaca tentang adab-adab penulisan di dalam blog.

.:Right Here:.


After MALET I think that i wanna get to know u alls' much better [Banat XII Gen]...
and hope we can get closer and be friends' forever and ever until when when...hahaha...=p...
So this song is specially dedicated to u gals out there...

I'll be right here where you need me
Anytime just keep believing
And I'll be right here...
If you ever need a friend
Someone to care and understand
I'll be right here...
All you have to do is call my name
No matter how close or far away
Ask me once and I'll come,
I'll come running
And when I can't be with you, dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes,
look inside
I'm right here...
Isn't it great that you know that
I'm ready to go wherever you're at
Anywhere, I'll be there...
All you have to do is call my name
No matter how close or far away
Ask me once and I'll come,
I'll come running
And when I can't be with you, dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes, look inside
I'm right here
I'll be here
Whenever you need me
There's no need to worry
You know that I'm gonna be right here
Ask me once and I'll come,
I'll come running
And when I can't be with you, dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes, look inside
I'm right here...
ok, fine happy now...that our blog has been updated by yours truly...;)
cyg Gen12...
xoxo Almaz...

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Assalamualaikum wahai teman se-generasi.

disini ana ingin mnjd org yg pertama publish post setelah berakhirnya MALET khusus buat banat generasi 12. walaupun ana bkn s/u yg patutnya menulis laporan , tp ana da mnx izin dgn s/u iaitu aliya khair utk bg laporan ttg MALET kat musolla subuh pg td. hua3. sbb nk tlis jgk! tp klu ade yg nk tulis gak psal ni , xkesah. (utk ape kite kene kesh?)

ringkasnya , MALET ni MAlam Lepas Tension yg dianjurkn dgn sepadatnya oleh team gen12 yg terdiri drpd Bee sbg pengarah dn yg lain tu mlas nk sebut. byk sgt. nnt tmpt ni jd kertas kerja plk. adeh! TP sayang-sayang buah kepayang , 12 org banat terbatas kemampuannya utk dtg sbb ade hal yg urgent dn xleh nk dielakkan. kelas intisor (lama) sorang xdtg. ittifaq (lama) 5 org xdtg. dn istiqamah dn itqan brjumlah 6 org gagal hadir. w/lupon begitu , ana ttp puji kehadiran antunna semua ini. hihi~

Slot 1 :
Kami dihidangkn dgn suapan JIWA oleh Nisa Ili dgn menayngkn animasi yg (ahah) amat comel spt barney , pooh dn panda. Tazkirah ni mmg best sbb Nisa Ili suro org ckp. bkn beliau sorang je yg ckp. cam Nisa Athirah , Nisa Afiqah dn Nisa Nisa Bee. tazkirah ini byk diselitkn dgn ISTIGHFAR utk menyucikan JIWA. agar TAQWA sentiasa menghuni hati kami. Tahniah kpd Nisa Ili sbb berjaya menghidupkan slot tersebut. lps tu , kami pon turun utk solat isya'

Slot 2 :
Then , kami ade studygroup. buat latihan maths yg disediakan oleh fasi maths , Nisa Hamizah. kertas die comel sgt. ;) tp kump ana agak sedih. sbb ade 3 org je. ana pon cm xde JIWA nk buat tp seb baik ade semangat yg disuakan oleh Nisa-Nisa yang mengerti ana tgh ngantuk. hua3. tp sekalung apresiasi penghargaan buat Nisa Najihah sbb telah mngurangkn ngantuk kami dgn membuka satu kaunter gule2 yg berpaket2. wah! berkepuk-kepuk duit Nisa ye. bau duit je tangan Nisa Najihah. hua3. kami tamatkn studygroup ni jam 1030 pm.

Slot 3 :
Tibalah kemuncak program. Malam Kebudayaan yg mmg akan lepaskn tension kami. Gandingan pengacara yg ~!$%^&*() iaitu Nisa Athirah dn Nisa Nadiyah. hihi~ Best sgt2!
-3 Intisor (lama) dgn musicalnya yg membuka mata sbg kump pertama.
-3 Istiqamah yg comel sgt. betol2 buat kami terharu dgn kesungguhan mereka sediakan kami dgn persembahan yg super-duper-hyper menarik. hah! hiperbola. :)
-3 Itqan (lama) dgn 7 bulan Itqan Crews. xkering gusi kami. ade je Nisa-Nisa ini.
-Wahana Cinta Mujahidah dgn persembahan ttg JIHAD. diadaptasi dr persembahan Malam Al Qassam. terdiri drpd serikandi Islah o7.
-Nisa Ili , Nisa Liyana , Nisa Aminah , Nisa Nadiyah. mempersembahkn persembahan ttg HANYA YG TERBAIK. dn igt ape kami ckp. "Yakin dn Percaya kita boleh kerna kitelah HANYA YG TERBAIK!"
-pstuh 3 Istiqamah present lg skali.
*pstuh , 2 Nisa tmpil berikan pengajaran yg mereka dpt.

Then , kami berkumpul utk nyanyi sama2 lagu Menghapus Jejakmu dgn semangat skali. Sape yg xhafal tu ketawa2 je dn dgr dgn penuh penghayatan. cehs! Lagu tema batch kita pon kami nyanyi. Kembali. Ya Allah! best sgt bile nyanyi ramai2. rase tersentuh sgt. pstuh nyanyi lg lagu opick , alhamdulillah. buat bulatan same2. tanda perpaduan dn muhibbah kami.
Alhamdulillah wa syukrulillah
Bersyukur padamu Ya Allah
Kau jadikan kami saudara
Indah dlm kebersamaan (ke? atau hilanglah semua perbedaan.. xigt)
Masa part ni ramai Nisa yg tersentap hiba. kenangkn ukhwah. indahnya nikmah ukhwah ini. terlalu nikmat. Bersyukur.
Slot 4 :
Ade TazRin. Nisa Nisa Bee tayangkn byk video. pasal promininces , milky way , blackhole dn mcm2 lg. Cam blaja science plk. hua3. Then , nyanyi lagi lagu Kembali. ade lagu Demi Matahari , Sempurna. mcm2. tersgt best. wktu ni jgk kami dihidangkn dgn montaj yg byk sgt gmba. best! time ni gak kami buat army yell kami yg best! then kami ade muhasabah. Nisa Liyana mulekn kalam. kami mndgr ape ketua kami nk kate. pstuh , ade Nisa Athirah , Nisa Aliya A , Nisa Aliya K , Nisa Humaira' , Nisa Anisah , Nisa-Nisa Ittifaq , Nisa Nadiyah , Nisa Nadhirah selaku w/ting , Nisa Ili dsb. Lepas muhasabah , kami nyanyi lagu Gemuruh. hua3. Nisa-Nisa yg pegi X-Rek KRJ Johor 07 (Nisa Raudhah , Nisa Afiqah , Nisa Ili , Nisa Nadiah H , Nisa Nadiyah S) pon keluar utk tunjuk gaya lagu Gemuruh. Sume pon ikut. best dn terasa tautan hati. semangat sgt kami ber-Gemuruh. then , penyampaian hadiah. pstuh amek2 gmba batch. mcm2 gaya ade. sweet dahsyat!
lepas tutup mjlis , intisor.itqan.istiqamah.ittifaq pon amek gmba kelas masing2. mklumlah , da tuka kelas. hua3. terasa rindu pada sume kenangan. tp , realiti! kita segenerasi. justeru , gembiralah semua!
Itulah program kami , Nisa Generasi 12. MALET. tersgt best. Terima kasih semua.
Yakin dn Percaya juga optimis. kitalah HANYA YG TERBAIK.
Igt trademark kite ye Nisa-Nisa sekalian!
Ape yg penting?
Nisa XII Gen!
We Care
We Love
We Move
Move It..!
Hanya yg terbaik akan berjaya
Tuntas bicara bermakna penuh gaya
Itulah lambang aspirasi kita
Generasi kita harapan hidayah.
Let us face the blazing challenge
Because what u wish
U can achieve
Turning all ur dreams into reality.
Semua mimpi menjd realiti.
Sekian drpd saya yg suke menulis.
moga tiada yg terasa.
Hanya menulis berdasrkn perasaan yg bercampur baur.
antara hiba dn suka.
syang generasi saya!
Till then ,
2.23 pm

Sunday, July 13, 2008



Ana nak tujukan pengumuman ini kepada banat2 generasi 12 SMIH....

Penyertaan MALET wajib bagi setiap kelas.
Nama-nama ahli kumpulan sila berikan kepada Nur Athirah Kahar di 3 Intisor.
Kumpulan2 yang bukan wakil kelas SANGAT2 dialukan.
Hadiah2 menarik menanti antunna....
p/s: sesiapa yang ada idea untuk MALET ini, sila berikan cadangan antunna kepada Ajk MALET

Sekian sahaja daripada TV MALET....


Assalamualaikum teman segenerasi.
generasi 12 peneraju kegemilangan islam.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. studython da abes. dn ana tetap yakin dn percaya , bahawa tentunya setiap anggota dlm generasi ini , mesti mndpt sedikit sebyk impak positif. sikit pon jdlah ye. :)
Klu nk difikirn , program ni mmg ah byk mncuri masa kite di hujung minggu. tp sbnrnya , bile da habis programnya , ana rase cm x menyesal langsung pegi studython. although ah ana nye jwpn utk test die cm kacang xhabis masak (istilah one of my tutorial friends). haha. klaka sgt. Byk perkara yg menanti utk dibereskn di rumah. klu ana xpegi studython , msti keje2 tu da siap da. klau ana xpegi agaknya , mesti logbook ana da lame siap. tp perancangan Allah itulah yg terbaik buat kita. bangga menjadi peserta studython.

Buat sume , ana mintak maaf (?) klu spnjg ni kesalahn ana mmbekas di hati kalian. klu sahabat buat salah , tulislh di pasir agak nntkn hilang dek air di pantai dn sirna ditiup angin kemaafan. em. kpd yg mnjd kump ana , so sorry klu ana xjlnkn t/j sbb fesi dgn sebaiknya. yela. ana tahu ade yg lagi layak mnjd fesi selain ana. terimalah seadenye. terima kasih semua. kite perlu kuat utk all out di medan pa.mim.ra. ha , xperlu minta maaf dgn ana , krn ana da maafkn semuanya. iAllah.

Ana pernah ade slowtalk dgn sorang drpd guru2 kite yg mengajar di form 3. beliau kate , kite ni mcm xnmpk persediaan nk pmr. yela. tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri. ana xmmpu nk kate pape sbb kite kene ukur baju dibdn sendiri. mase penutup prog , ana rase cam benci dn meluat syadeed dgr beberapa suara manusia yg xreti nk menghormati mjls. geram sgt. setiap kali ade ucapan ke ape ke , mesti mcm nk bising2. klu senyap mmg xleh eyh? satu persoalan yg cukup menyelubungi benak ana smpi skrg. klu kite byk ketawa , suka sgt bergurau xkene tmpt , mmg kejayaan bkn milik kite. kerna , seorang tokoh islam pernah brkate , golongan yg paling byk ketwa dan sedikit nangisnya ialah golongan yg gagal. ana xnk kite mnjd komuniti yg gagal. ana mahu kite sume bangkit bersama. bkn sesetgh org je. sumenye mmbuatkn ana rase cm gelisah lagi resah. xkn ah org yg suke blaja je nnt dpt 9A.? yg len? ana nk kite brjaya bersama. wlupon ni merupakan fenomena.panorama.lazuardi lazim , tp jgn la menambahkn garam ke luka. nnt lg bernanah ye.. :))

jdkanlah program2 yg sekolah aturkn buat kita sebagai wadah.wahana.medium yg berguna dlm kite menjejak kejayaan. bak kate us Norimah , jdlah M.A.T.A.N.G..!

"Help them to help us"
"Bersama kita mngejar mimpi"

utk banat . nntkn slot MALET yg antunna idam2kn. ceh , hiperbola. :)

till then ,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

StuDytHon 2.....


Nampaknya blog ini sudah tidak selengang dahulu..... Kalau kita tgk dalam beberapa minggu yang lepas, kawasan bebas berkarya ini seperti tiada penghuni. Keaktifan hanya terserlah di chatbox yang hanya mampu menampung 60 mesej dalam sejam. Tapi takpe, seorang rakan kita sudah menyerikan 'rumah' kita ini dengan nasihat yang berguna.... Terima kasih sahabat.... Kalau bukan kerana anti, ana pun tak ter'cabar' untuk menulis satu post....

Apa fokus kita pada kali ini? Hmm.... melihat kepada tajuk di atas yang sudah terang benderang menunjukkan topik kita... Ada apa dengan studython? Apa itu studython? Kenapa kita perlu ke studython? Apa yang best sgt pasal program yang diuar-uarkan ni?Mari ana terangkan kepada antum yang masih blur2 ttg program ini....

Pertama sekali, apakah program studython ini? Hanya study 24 jam je ke? Tidak.... takkan sekolah sekejam itu nak suruh kita melepasi had kita dalam belajar.... Studython ini sebenarnya ialah program sekolah yang telah diadapsikan daripada program studython pertama di antara MRSM Mersing dgn SMIH. Jadi studython 2 ni kira sambungan studython pertama untuk pelajar2 yang tidak mempunyai peluang utk menyertai program yang first.... Macam ana la kan.hehe~

Ok, semasa studython, kita akan menempuhi 4 subjek PMR . Sains, Maths, Geo dan Sejarah. Beberapa latihan akan di beri. Selepas itu, periksa akan dijalankan selama sekurang-kurangnya 1 jam. So, pelajar kenalah bersedia untuk peperikasaan tu. Ana pun tak baca buku lagi...Hehe~ Semua tahu kan yang akan ada ranking utk studtython ni? Macam mana dia buat ranking tu? Mestilah berdasarkan periksa yang kita dah ambik tu... Peratus akan dikira dan disitulah akan menunjukkan siapa yang telah mendapat tempat yang pertama, kedua dan seterusnya..... Jadi sesiapa yang ingin namanya tergolong dalam top 10 @ 20 tu, berusahalah dalam periksa yang diadakan tu.....

Kenapa studython ni perlu sangat2 untuk dihadiri? Mestilah sebab program ni m'datangkan banyak faedah. First sekali mestilah persaingan yang sihat akan diwujudkan. semua pelajar akan bersaing untuk mendapatkan markah yang tinggi. Yang kedua, persahabatan antara kawan2 sebatch akan makin rapat. Tak gitu? Sebab nanti kat studython, kawan2lah yang menolong kita dalam menjawab soalan2 latihan yang diberikan. Masa tulah kita akan menghargai kawan2 yang ada dihadapan kita......

Hmm...ana pun dah membebel panjang..... Tapi ana ada satu je lagi benda nak cakap. Ana tau ramai yang akan ke studython ni. Berapa ramai? Kira2 80 lebih pelajar yang akan pergi. Ramai tu! Jadi, untuk menghidupkan suasana studythonkali ini, ana harap semua yang perlu pergi, pergilah. Jangan lepaskan peluang sekali setahun ini. Lagipun, kalau program tak ramai yang datang, mestilah tak best kan? Takdelah banat banin kecoh nanti... sunyi je nanti. Guru2 pun dah penat2 buatkan program ni. Takkan kita nak bazirkan tenaga guru2 kita yang dah berhari-hari tak tidur malam? Takkanlah kita sekejam tukan? Haha~ gurau jelah.

Ok! ana ni dah kira over limit dah ni..... Ni last ye..... Ana nak katakan SATU je benda lagi....


Alam Persekolahan

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh~

Alhamdulillah, hari ni, kita dapat bercuti selama sehari.
Dah lame tak update blog ni ek..
Ana nampak banyak post kat draft tapi tak ter-post plak..
Takpe, biar ana yang update (eceeeh)

Ana nak share lirik lagu kali ni (lagi?). Huehuehue.
Tajuknye : Alam persekolahan
Munsyid: Mirwana

Mungkin ramai yang dah pernah dengar lagu ni. Sebab lagu ni dah lame sangat. Tapi, papepon, kite abaikan. Ni lirik dia:

Allah Oh Tuhan
Pencipta Alam
Kupohon dari-Mu
Berdoa pada-Mu

Allah Oh Tuhan
Terangilah hatiku
Agar ku mampu Terus maju

Alam Persekolahan
Penuh dengan Cabaran
Perlukan Kesabaran, Keteguhan iman
Oh Tuhan

Kumahu Menimba ilmu
Agar kumampu Majukan ummahku
Berusaha perlu Sedaya yang mampu
Dan berserah pada-Mu
Allah Yang Satu

Menuntut ilmu Bersabar selalu
Kulengkapkan diriku Dengan azam baru

Pendek je lirik dia. Tapi best la. Bagi ana.
Sebab lirik ni memang berkaitan dengan hidup kite sebagai pelajar.
Alam persekolahan dan remaja ni memang penuh ngan cabaran dan dugaan ni kan? Tapi, pengalaman ni lah yang mematangkan kite. (cewaaahh..)
Sebab tulah, kite kene banyak bersabar, kuatkan iman, tabahkan hati dan kene ingat Allah selalu. Barulah hati kite tenang, dan insya-Allah, Allah akan mempermudahkan segala urusan kita. Asalkan kita terus istiqamah dalam do'a kita.

Trial lagi sebulan je lagi.
PMR lagi 97 hari je.
Tak lame tu.
Wahh, betapa cepatnye masa ni berlalu.

Oleh itu, wahai rakan-rakan seperjuanganku yang dikasihi sekalian,
(ni untuk diri ana sendiri jugak),
berusahalah! Andai kite gagal, jangan putus asa! Tu cumelah ujian buat kite.
Teruslah jaga hubungan kita dengan Allah. Jaga hubungan dengan ibu bapa, keluarga, guru-guru dan tidak lupa juga, jagalah hubungan sesama kita..

Bila rasa ada sakitkan hati sesiapa, cepat-cepat minta maaf.
Bila minta maaf, hati kita rasa tenang kan?
Bila hati dah tenang, senanglah nak belajar kan?

Ana tak tau nak bebel ape lagi. Huehuehue~
Hm. Oh ye, jike anda semua nampak ana wat silap, tegurlah ana.
Sesungguhnya, teguran daripada seorang sahabat itu lebih baik..
Insya-Allah, ana akan cube ubah diri anda untuk jadi yang lebih baik.

Apa-apapun, semoga kita semua dapat mencapai target kite iaitu GPK 1.3! Memang susah, tapi tak mustahil kan? Belajar tekun-tekun,, kite semua bersatu-padu,, kemudian tak putus asa dan terus berusaha,, insya-Allah, the 12th Generation of SMIH akan dapat mencapai kejayaan!

Sekian je daripada ana.

.: wassalam :.