Come on form five, you can do it, more than, more than, you can do it, weella weella wella wella wello, we are the best, the very very best, come on let's do it, tingkatan lima, 2010, woo... ALLAHUAKBAR!! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Takbir! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Invitation To Galeri Palestin


To all students from Form 1 to Form 5, teachers and all "citizens" of SM Islam Hidayah, JB.
We're (MPP 2009/2010) hereby proudly inviting and welcoming you to
Galeri Palestin 2009
(in conjuction with HOPE 2009) which is located at

Dewan Al-Qadisiyah
on 22nd , 23rd and 26th of October 2009.

There are much things to see and to do!

There are 8 Palestine booth which was prepared by all 8 classes of Form 3 and Form 4!

There are also 8 big softboards which full of the informations about Palestine which was prepared by our little brothers and sisters from
Form 1 & Form 2!

Students Representative Council [MPP] 2009/2010 booth
Here, you can write all your complaints, suggestions and send it right to US!

and there are also,

Some multimedia presentations and lots of videos to watch!

...... Don't worry, the entrance is FOC. Just spend your recess time in there and enjoy the moment at the little gate to "Palestine"!

BUT REMEMBER! Take Your Turn , Please! :-)

21 Oktober 2009 - Preparation Time
(Participants Only)
Rehat Pertama
Rehat Kedua
Malam (until 12 pm)
Open to all visitors!

22 Oktober 2009
Rehat Pertama -Banin
Rehat Kedua- Banin
Petang (Selepas Sekolah) - Banin & Banat
Malam - Banin & Banat

23 Oktober 2009
Rehat Pertama - Banin
Rehat Kedua [MY] - Banat

26 Oktober 2009
Rehat Pertama - Banat
Rehat Kedua -Banat

This turns are only made for the students. The teachers, alumnis and all other staff are free to visit the gallery whenever they want. The gallery will be open from 0745 hr to late.

See you there, insya-Allah!
Long Live Palestine!

Yours Truly,
Vice Chairman of HOPE 2009.
Students Representative Council 2009/2010.

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