Come on form five, you can do it, more than, more than, you can do it, weella weella wella wella wello, we are the best, the very very best, come on let's do it, tingkatan lima, 2010, woo... ALLAHUAKBAR!! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Takbir! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hati dan bahagia

salam :)

i came with little hope,
but walk away believing in miracles.

if you want to make enemies,
try to change something.
those who look only to the past of present
are certain to miss the future.

selamat berjuang.
together we stand hand in hand.

pesanan tol bebas: benji

people often over estimate what will happen
in the next two years and under estimate
what will happen in ten.

setiap yang mematahkan itu mematangkan.
no pain no gain.
never give up
teruskan usaha.
jangan putus asa.
never stop praying.
everything is under HIS will

untuk seseorg: nurul

awak semua comel :)
try your best in spm.

kimi ga ite kurete yokatta yo
donna toki datte itsumo
waratte irareru
tatoeba, hanarete itemo nannen tatte mo
zutto kawaranai desho
watashitachi Best Friend
suki dayo, daisuki da yo

we are under the same rainbow :)

by: mina-san.

now this is real me. haha. wth sharing acc?
but this moment i ll remember.
deeply in heart, never fade.
so hows exam recently? frankly, its like ****.
but pls don't yet give up!
BAT and PQS? alaa belajar je pendebat kita tu :P
strive the best. and fyi, we can start praying for
the marking papers. Sejarah had sent in. the worst
paper i think :D
till then, just fight till you win ;)

by: NisaDesu!

the past give us the sky,
5 tahun kat asrama bukan senang tau!
terima kasih kpd semua.
sama ada yg hidup ataupun dah lama jmp tnh merah :D
otai tetap otai laa :)

take care, Garnier :D
sayangi diri anda setiap hari, VITAGEN! :D