Come on form five, you can do it, more than, more than, you can do it, weella weella wella wella wello, we are the best, the very very best, come on let's do it, tingkatan lima, 2010, woo... ALLAHUAKBAR!! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Yusho wa dare? Oretachi! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Oretachi wa? Form Five! Takbir! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Valley of the Wolves Palestine - Jan 28, 2011 (English Subtitles)

"I did not come to Israel, I came to Palestine"...tak boleh bla...

Polat Alemdar and his men are going to Palestine to get revenge of the people who were killed on the Blue Marmara Ship which was carrying aid to Gaza. Their aim is obvious: They will catch the Israeli general, who is the military planner and executive of this attack. Polat Alemdar makes his investigation in Palestine and he becomes near to achieve his aim step by step. However, they face with unexpected events. The Israeli general, at the target of Polat Alemdar, Mosche Ben Eliezer, makes it difficult with his atrocity and technologic possibilities in Palestine... The movie will tell the dramatic stories of Palestinian people. While Polat tries to reach Mosche, he will see how innocent people die in Palestine. Mosche burns villages, kills children and has everyone, who help Polat, put in jail. With the movie Valley of the Wolves Palestine, the attention of the whole world will be on Palestine, where people are facing with one of the biggest humanity drama.